This Simple Trick Will Speed Up Any Android

Today I’m gonna be showing you a little tip ,a little trick (Kinda) on how to SPEED UP your android phone So what you are going to do Is go into your settings and scrol down to about device in here, you will notice software info so this might look a little bit different depending on your phone, but software info should be some where in there click there, and look for build number And you wanna tap it 7 times Watch This! Developer mode has now been turned on!

Alright, so I go back out now and then back out one more time and now I have a new option here above this about device icon which is called developer options! You wanna click down on that button and now there are all kinds of amazing features that you can mess with. I wouldn’t recommend getting too crazy in here, but what you are looking for, specificly for speed is is to scroll down until you find WINDOW ANIMATION SCALE .Ok, now this is that kind of fancy thing that happens when you open and close an application or a window and might not even notice it but it is kinda like floating in and out that occurs but unfortunately it takes a little bit of extra time!

So we are going in and turn this OFF .So, now the animation is off for the windows the transitions and the animator duration so just shut those all OFF. So ,what you are going to notice right away it’s just nothing flash none of that anymore .When you go to open something up It is instant, you see that? There is no delay. In order to give you a reference point on this without the animations turned off so galaxy S7 and S7EDGE.

If I go ahead and launch at the same time Chrome you will see that every single time this thing opens faster some of you might be saying: Hey Lew, that’s insignificant, but hey if you are doing this all the time throughout the day ,look at calculator and you are constantly opening and closing things Ok and let’s do clock, you can understand it! It is going to save your time! I guess the animation looks kinda cool But in reality I’d rather have the snappiness I mean that just feel so REWARDING and you see it just happens so quickly 321, and it just comes up!!

So this is something that you can do on any android phone If you are not into the animation that happens you don’t need it, you just want ultimate efficiency This is the way you achieve it, now this is been out for awhile this is not a new thing thought that it would be an interesting thing to share you should definitely tell your friends . Just a little touch look at that, every time booooooooooooom Come’s up right away, even when you back out of it, it is a little bit faster . I don’t know why, I love these little kinds of hacks and tweaks and Android just got a little bit snappier.