Best Android Hacking Tools

I’ll cover some the best android apps out there that you can use for hacking. But first what exactly is hacking? When we think about hacking the first thing that comes to our mind some random dude trying to hack a bank website and well, that just black hat hacking, or crackers. There is a also a part, which you use to learn stuff ,understand vulnerabilities, so that when the time comes you can protect yourself from the crackers I.e. — the ethical hackers My definition of hacking is — anything that tries to get unauthorized access and manipulates the system. The intention could both good or bad. And we are all the good guys here! Right?

Let’s get started!




Let’s start with something simple. Say you want to send someone a secret message via public channel like gmail or whatsapp tr the way I use it say, I want to write all my important banking password in plain paper as a backup for my family.

Now, there is no way, we can use plain english for these sensitive data. Right? And, cryptography is the solution here. So, basically what it does is — You enter a plain text and it’ll generate ciphertext, which is long string of sentences that doesn’t make sense to anyone and you can send it via email or write it down on piece of paper and to decode it, tell the other party of use same decryption algo that you use for encryption.

Though, just to be on safe side make sure you use more than 2 encryption So, that no one in the middle can use a tool to crack the code.


2. PixelKnot


Hidden messages now, if you are sending encrypted text everybody is going to notice you are up to to something by seeing the ciphertext. But what if you want to pass your secret message in plain sight without being suspected. And well, steganography is the way to go about it then. Apps like pixelknot can hide your secret text inside an image which you can then password protect and send to your the receipt over whatsapp or email .All they are going to see a simple image but when they open it with pixelknot and enter right password well, there you have it the secret message.




3. Drive Droid

Drive Droid

Ok, consider this situation say, one of your employee has changed his computer password before going on leave. And, you urgently need to extract some files from the computer or let just say, you computer crashed and you need to email important document to your boss.

Now, usually, you’ll boot to computer with live cd or something but that takes time and other computer. Right? Well, this is where Drivedroid comes to rescue you. This small root app, can work as live USB download a small linux distro like — slitaz (35 mb) And mount it now, connect your android with computer with USB and boot from it and there we go.. Overall it takes 5 mins to do everything and you can boot into any computer from just Android phone.



4. NetCut


The list of hacking app can’t be completed with Netcut. So, Netcut is similar to WiFi kill (which I’m sure you might have heard before) and all ti does is kick people off you WiFi network with just a touch of button but there are two feature that make it better than WiFi kill one, let you search device by name which is enough reason to use this app and second is you can adjust the internet speed on any device on your network by moving the slide so, 0 means no internet and 100 means full internet speed.




5. Market helper

Market helper

How many times this happens to to you? Where you are trying to install a cool new app from the Play Store but unfortunately, either the app is not available for your device or country? Well, in such cases the obvious solution is to sideload it apk. Right? But, with market helper (which does require root btw) you can spoof your device’s model, region or carrier and now you can go to playstore and download the app of you choice though, just because you change your device model number It doesn’t necessary mean every will run on your devices ultimately, it’s boils down to the compatibility of the app with your device.




6. Parallel space

Parallel space

There are times when you want to run multiple instance of same app like two WhatsApp, instagram or snapchat account etc.

Let just say, two instance of any app. And with parallel space you can do that. So, the way this app works is pretty ingenious. It creates an isolated environment and allows other instance of the apps to running inside it. And since you are running the official app on both sides there is also a low risk of getting you account banned






Now, if you are into hacking and anything that work with sensitive data then orbot is one of the must have tool in your arsenal. So, what exactly does it do? well, orbot is a tor client which provides you an anonymity on the web. So, here is how it works you start the orbot server and start browsing.

On the surface everything will appear normal ,but if you scratch the surface you’ll notice, tor bounce your connection to 3 or more server. Overall, no body in chain knows who you are.



8.WiFi Password Recovery

WiFi Password Recovery

So, the list of hacking apps can not be completed without talking about the WiFi And well WiFi password recovery is a simple app that can extract your WiFi password of the saved network.

So unlike windows and mac where you can directly see your saved WiFi password Android hides all the WiFi password in system files which you can only access if you have root access and apps like Wifi password recovery will help you with that.




9.Wps Wpa Tester

Wps Wpa Tester

Now, I know/ what most of you are wondering? Is there an android app to hack a Wireless network? I mean without any password or anything? And well, yes, if the router has enable WPS by default (which btw is turn ON by default and most people don’t usually remember to turn it off) then chances are you extract the Wifi password.

Now, I won’t go deep in this, but the tldr version is– most router has WPS feature which let other devices like wifi printer connect to router by pressing the wps button and they share a 8 digit over the internet.

So, what apps like WPS does is, It tries to guess the default WPS PIN of the router And try to connect to that router using that. And from what I have seen so far, It does work with 60-70 % efficiency.




And finally, we have zAnti ,the mother of all hacking app. Now, I’ve often seen people asking questions like what is the difference between csploit, dsploit and zanti .And well, from what I’ve seen all 3 of them do the same feature — It’s just the matter of interface.

And In my opinion zAnti has the best. So, what exactly does zAnti does? And well it does couple of things.

So, when you first open the app it scans for all the device on your network pick the one, you want to target and then scan for open ports and vulnerability or the popular feature is man in the middle attack where you can track what victim is browsing logged the images, or even redirect the victim to different url obviously, this will only work on http sites and not on https sites. And although, most of it features are basic You’ll need advanced skills to make most out of this app.


So, that’s it for now. Let me know which apps would you like me to cover and also check hacked android games.



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