Android Bluetooth Printer

Android technology has transformed devices like smartphones and tablets into Computers. They are portable and are increasingly getting powerful. Just like the way you use a desktop or a laptop, you can now instead use smartphones and tablets to send mails, take print, browse net, YouTube etc.

Printing technology using Cloud technology, has revolutionised the way we print. Printers and Apps which are cloud based are gaining popularity. Using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or USB, you can print from a Tablet or Android Phone. In case, your printer does not have such facilities then it needs tobe registered with Google Cloud Print. This will connect the printer to the Net and enable you to access your printer from anywhere. If you wish, you can give access to your friends for print or you can print from your smartphones.


Most printers work with Google Cloud Print. However, for best hassle-free experience, it is recommended you use a cloud-based printer. The advantage here is that these printers can directly access the Net. They don’t need a desktop or anything else. Google maintains a list of compatible Cloud-based printers for support.

What you need to know about Printing from your Phone or Tablet?

First and foremost, you need to download in your Smartphone or Tablet, Google’s Cloud-Print App for Android. After installation you will have to launch the app in your device. You need to ensure that you provide the previously registered Google Cloud Print registered account in the Google Account Setting.There is a printer icon to print which you need to tap while selecting the file from Gallery or Dropbox or Google Drive on your smartphone or Tablet. Now select one printer from the screen which displays the registered list of printers with Google Cloud Print. You can then organize the document, number of copies, media size and DPI by using print preview screen. You are good to print your document. There is a paper plane icon which you need to tap and send the files for printing to Google Cloud Print.

Assuming that the Internet browser in your device supports printing functionality like Bluetooth, you can easily and quickly send the data, document or Web page over a Bluetooth to your printer.

What you need to know about Bluetooth Printers for Android?

It is very simple. You just need Bluetooth equipped printer and device (Smartphone or Tablet). You need not worry about connection to devices as Bluetooth connects devices within close range by using low power wireless networking protocol. Ensure that Bluetooth is paired, active and enabled on the devices.

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What are the different types of Bluetooth Printers for Android?

You can choose from many models which are available online or in the showrooms. There are models with 2 inch mini (58mm) and 3 inch mini (80mm) thermal, portable mobile Bluetooth printers. Some models have regional language support, retail POS system support, high-capacity long lasting lithium battery for printing receipts, 90mm/s printing speed with up to 30mts paper roll support.



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